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Value Added Services to our Customers

Full Service Maintenance Warranty* With Purchase

This is our Jewelry & Watch Care Plan in partnership with Montage, which offers Two-year, Three-year, Five-year, and Lifetime plans available for purchase in addition to the price of your jewelry. The purpose is to guarantee the wearability of your jewelry and watch over these time-frames.

*This Jewelry & Watch Care Plan is not a replacement for regular property insurance. For example, if your jewelry item is stolen or missing, our Jewelry Care Plan can’t perform a task on a missing item. Therefore your regular insurance policy would be the approach for a claim.

Jewelry Repair / Replacement

Enhancement side gem replacement; Pearl restringing; Soldering; Prong re-tipping; Clasp & chain repair; Earring back replacement; One ring sizing; and One rhodium-plating.

Watch Repair / Replacement

Movement; Crystal; Crown & stem; Water damage; One leather strap replacement; and One refurbish case & bracelet.

Custom Design, Alteration and Restyling

Ginsberg’s staff will work hand-in-hand to enhance, transform, convert, or create a new piece of jewelry from your old jewelry. The result becomes a restored, enhanced or one-of-a-kind piece. Our DEBUT system is a computerized program which enables you to create jewelry that has never existed before until YOU create it—thus you debut your design for the first time.

Special Orders

Whatever your desire, we’ll search our wide network of vendors & suppliers to help you find the jewelry, timepiece or giftware of your dreams if we don’t have it in our showcase. There are no returns with special orders. All Custom designed or custom-restyled pieces are special orders.

Corporate Gifts and Award Programs

Our corporate sales division can provide companies of all sizes a broad selection of gifts for employee recognition, years of service, and customer appreciation.

Diamond Trade-In Plus 1-Percent Bonus

If at any time you choose to replace your original diamond(s) purchased at Ginsberg Jewelers, Ginsberg will credit you the original purchase price of your diamond(s) plus 1% for each year that you owned it towards the purchase of a larger diamond(s) 50% or greater in weight of same or similar quality as original.

Consider this for engagement rings, earrings, pendants, and bracelets.


Ginsberg Jewelers provides a complimentary expert appraisal with any purchase. And we also will evaluate and write appraisals for insurance replacement, estate property, fair market valuations, and collateral, on any jewelry or timepiece which was not purchased from us. This includes gem identification & analysis, metal content, documenting weights & mea ological laboratory for state-of-art identification and analysis. Some of the most prestigious and credible labs worldwide of which we are clients are GIA (Gemological Institute of America), AGS (American Gem Society), Stone Group Laboratories, and Mason Kay Jade Lab.


Ginsberg Jewelers offers a personal charge account to make your shopping experience complete and convenient. Choose from several options of interest levels if available. This financing is available through Synchrony Financial. Apply at our counter, results are same-day.



Is complimentary with purchase of earrings. For the purchaser only, not transferable. We will also pierce ears any time for a small fee.

Insure Your Purchase

By receiving a no-obligation quote from Jewelers Mutual Insurance Co., which insures many retail and wholesale jewelers across the country. The quote will be emailed directly to you from the point of purchase, and based on the actual purchase price.


Jewelry, watch casebacks, plaques, cups, knives, and nearly anything that has a hard surface and will fit in our machines. We have many different fonts available. We will also engrave your own custom logo or design, facsimile handwriting and

Return Guarantee

Ginsberg Jewelers allows 30 days to return any purchase from our showcases. All purchases must be unworn, undamaged, and presented with original receipt, papers and box. All returns are for IN-STORE CREDIT ONLY. There is no limit on the length of time credit is held. There are no returns with special orders. All Custom designed or custom-restyled pieces are special orders.

Sell Us Your Unwanted Gems and Gold

Ginsberg Jewelers will buy your diamonds, colored gemstones, gold-, platinum-, and silver-items. This is otherwise called “scrap metal” purchase. We would send most of these purchased items to our refineries to extract the gold from the alloys.

Sell Your Jewelry On Consignment

Ginsberg Jewelers will evaluate your unwanted jewelry, loose diamonds and loose colored gems, and we’ll agree on a selling price of which you receive 75% and our commission is 25% of the selling price.

Gift Cards

Available for purchase, and can be refilled & re-used. Don’t know what to get someone? Let them decided.


Ginsberg Jewelers will capture the pieces you like and place them on your own wishlist for future consideration. We can also impart the items on your wishlist to anyone you select to fulfill your dreams. Then nobody needs to guess.

General Care & Concern

Caring for your gemstones and jewelry is important. In most cases, use warm water, mild dish soap and a soft cloth to clean jewelry items.

Many colored gems should not be exposed to excessive sunlight or heat. Gems like amethyst, opal, morganite, amber, tanzanite, and topaz can be affected by this type of exposure.

Organic gems such as pearls should not be exposed to chemicals—even hairspray or facial creams—as these can attack the natural coating of the bead. Pearl jewelry should be the last thing you put on and the first thing you take off.

Avoid ultrasonic cleaners with emerald, opal, tanzanite, pearl, amber, coral, turquoise, and ivory. They can be damaged by the vibrations and chemicals.

Diamonds, on the other hand, can be boiled in hydrochloric acid and come out smelling like a rose.

With prolonged exposure, chlorine and ammonia will gradually attack and damage gold jewelry. If you swim laps regularly in a chlorinated pool, you should leave your gold jewelry safely behind.

Keep gemstone jewelry in a jewelry box, which is typically made with soft slots, containers and pouches, so the jewelry won’t be scratched against another piece.