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Proposal Do’s and Don’ts

Think of Ginsberg Jewelers in Cedar Rapids, IA as Your Best AMan


The day you say “will you marry me?” should be one of the most memorable moments in your life. But before you pull an engagement ring out of your pocket and ask the love of your life to be your partner forever, check out our proposal do’s and don’ts!

Make sure your proposal goes off without a hitch.


  •  Test the waters.
    Talk about engagements and weddings with your partner first. Proposals are great surprises, but you want to make sure it’s a fun surprise, not a bad one.
  •  Be prepared.
    Make a checklist and go over it. Putting some serious thought into the proposal spot and what you’ll say is better than fumbling over your words. You’ll be nervous enough already.
  •  Find the right engagement ring (Tadah!, that’s where we come in!).
    Put the sparkle in your loved one’s eyes with a beautiful engagement ring from Ginsberg Jewelers. You’re sure to find a ring that suits your future fiancée’s style.
  •  Know if she wants to pick the ring herself.
    If she wants to pick out her own engagement ring, let her. Some women make it a point to pick out the exact ring they want. Like we said, let her. We’ll set your selected diamond in a classic solitaire ring, which can be traded-back towards the ring she selects after you propose.
  •  Talk to her parents.
    It’s courteous and respectful to inform the parents of your plans. Plus, your girl will most likely think it’s sweet.
  •  Pick a personal spot.
    Make the proposal meaningful by picking a spot that is special to you and your wife-to-be. Magical things can happen if you do.
  •  Be creative.
    Do something that will sweep her off her feet. Make her remember the reasons why she fell in love with you.
  •  Drop on one knee.
    This is the easy part. Just don’t fall and make a fool of yourself in the process.
  •  Make it public.
    Don’t. Just don’t. Unless you really think she’s into that sort of thing.
  •  Hide the ring in food.
    Again, no. So many things can go wrong with this. And it’s just unsanitary.
  •  Propose at a sports game.
    Unless she is a die-hard sports fan, she most likely is at that game for you. Not the time or place.
  •  Propose in front of the entire family.
    Let’s face it. Families are loud and a bit overdramatic. Once you drop to one knee, the waterworks and cries of joy coming from Gram and Uncle Bobby will interfere with your big plans.
  •  Make it too complicated.
    Do you really need to fly her around the world or wake her up for a 5:30 a.m. sunset to ask for her hand? Nah. Keep it low-key and simple.
  •  Expect her to say yes right away.
    You propose and she stands there. Just stands there. Wipe the panicked look from your face and just breathe. And let her breathe. This is a big moment for the both of you. So it doesn’t have to be rushed. Anyway, she is only pausing because she is thinking about how amazing you are.

Your partner is already in love with you. Now choose Ginsberg Jewelers to make your loved one fall in love with the ring, too.
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